Saturday, January 12, 2008

Road Trio to the Suburbs

Today we took a road trip out to see our friends - Emily and Derek, along with their two kids - and enjoy the day together. For those of you not familiar, Kristen is the Godmother to their oldest, Taggart. The day was great as the ladies tagteamed for the lunch and we spent the remainder of our time together just talking, hanging out, and being entertained by the kids.

Taggart is stringing together sentences quite well, but like all kids whose vocabulary is expanding while enunciation still a challenge it was good to have Emily around as Tag's interpreter!

Cammie (Campbell) will soon be up and walking. She can hoist herself up with ease to stand and climbs, but when it comes to moving north/south she still prefers to go low. But her laugh! She has two; a high-pitch joyous scream that surely dogs can hear within a mile radius and a second; this deep Ha! Ha! Ha! that is crazy funny and totally infectious. I simply laughed in response!

Gil was his usual self. He enjoyed the new surroundings and did his best Stevie Wonder as he head seemed to be on a swivel as it darted back and forth to take it all in. During play time, he seemed to be enamored with both Cammie and Tag as he stared intently at both of them. We ran the entire Gil gamut - feed, sleep, diaper change, fussiness, smiles, and repeat. When it came time to depart when lulled him to sleep in his car seat prior to guarantee a quite ride home!

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