Wednesday, January 16, 2008

City Playdate

With a sense of structure and some normalcy settling in at Casa de Johnson, Kristen has begun to ease back into her pre-birth activities; working out, seeing friends, enjoying what the city has to offer. For her, a big reason was also the ability to reconnect with past co-workers/friends.

Well, yesterday Gil and Kristen had a playdate with her friend Lauren and her son, Ty, at their place. Not privy to their conversation, I'm sure Kristen and Lauren talked about their work, parenting, and I'm sure did some good gossip dishing!

I did talk to Gil and he said that he and Ty had a fun time together. A year older, Ty provided Gil some sage advice on how to deal with nannies and baby sitters, eating solid food, and how to hold one's pee until the very minute your diaper is being changed so you can spray mom and dad.

Additionally, Gil said they attempted to address some of the more serious issues facing their generation such as equal access to the sandbox and how television baby models are poor role models for body health issues along with a friendly debate on what is "the ideal nipple". In the picture above, Gil is laughing at Ty's retelling of his famous first pee after eating creamed asparagus story.

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