Friday, September 14, 2007

(K)Night Errand

Well, Kristen finally caved. With only six weeks left until 'go time', she succumbed to her craving urge and sent me out in quest of food.

My kudos to her. She's been great fighting her urges. We've had a few close calls, but I've been successful in talking her down from the cliff. However, last night there was no fighting it!

Of course, the timing stunk. We had just settled down to watch a movie (Breach, by the way, and worth watching). Having just completed dinner, where she had given in to another craving for pizza and brought home a wild mushroom pie (from one of those new, speciality pizza stores where you buy cold and cook at home), she was wracked with the urge for peanut M&M's.

After a simple 'Are you sure?' response, I could tell there was no fighting it. I strapped on the tennies and hoofed it to the Dirty Bird. The effort was monumental having to traverse a full city block to get to the White Hen on the opposite corner. I was parched from the experience.

Not to shortchange my wife, I purchased to 'tear and share' size bag (new marketing ploy to make you feel better about buying it instead of reading "king size" on the label even though the package is still meant for a single consumption).

As a witness to the crime, I can vouch for the tearing of the bag, but there was not a whole lot of sharing!

Urge satisfied, it was back to the movie...

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