Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Babymoon, Part II

Day 2. Today we set off to satisfy Kristen's unquenchable desire for breakfast out. Needing to pick up the recently shipped baby dresser/changing table from her office, we trekked out to Hinsdale.

Craving 'something sweet', Kristen went with the reliable - french toast. But no! Not just regular 'ole french toast, she upgraded to Banana Nut Bread French Toast. Ooh. Aah. I had a bite and felt like I ate a sugar cube. Almost went into hyperglycemic shock!

After picking up the dresser (frickin' heavy btw - now wonder it cost a C-note to ship!) we headed back to the city for our main excursion of the day...experiencing the Cool Globes project on the lakefront in front of the Museum Campus and Navy Pier.

Cool Globes is a project sponsored by Exelon (known locally as the parent company of ComEd) and hosted by the City of Chicago. Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Plant is "an innovative public art project of 124 extraordinary globes designed to create awareness and inspire practical solutions to global warming. Solutions that we can put into practice every home, on the job and in school."

The globes address all of the hot topics regarding our planet - recycling, reuse of materials, landfills, green building, alternative and clean forms of energy, water use, and the list goes on. 124 times. Some of the globes seemed redundant, but each artist provided a creative design on their globe.

I was pleasantly surprised to find my employer sponsored a globe (see pic to the left) on water efficiency. Did you know a slow, leaky faucet can waste up to 20 gallons of water a year?

It was a beautiful, warm day. Could have walked all day, but Kristen received a hot tip that Carter's was having a HUGE sale on baby clothes and we MUST check it out and stock up in the areas where we still need clothes. How do we know what we need? The kid hasn't even been born yet! Luckily our time in Carter's was short and I must admit we did procure some cool stuff for Baby J.

To complete the Babymoon, my job was to build the dresser/changing table. After almost pulling a hernia getting the box into the condo, the assembly began. An hour or so later, the table was finished, replete with all the space needed to ensure Baby J has adequate storage for stuff he's completely ambivalent to!

And thus Babymoon came to an end! Can't wait to do it again. Really! Seriously! Why doesn't anyone believe me...

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