Thursday, September 2, 2010

What A View!

Living in the city has its advantages. One is keeping Little Man occupied with urban life. Our street has been a bustle this summer with construction.

The road was recently grated and then repaved providing weeks of enjoying as Gilbert quizzed us on what was happening, the names of the equipment, the names of the construction workers (seriously), where there live and what they do on the weekends, and so on.

But the best was after the road was finished there must have been an apparent gas leak as the gas company came in and tore up a section of the street.

To Gilbert this just did not make sense and he asked why the road was being cut since it was just fixed. Ah, the clarity of an uncluttered mind. How do you counter such poignant observations!

Well, the work done, it was time to patch and this allowed Gilbert to go 'al fresco' and watch!

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Sarah said...

There is not much better amusement than any kind of construction project!