Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Saturday Day Out

Today was errand day. We are having some friends over for sushi tomorrow and this will be my first test making sushi rolls since my class recently. We spent the morning shopping for the ingredients (ahi tuna, Japanese chili sauce, black sesame seeds, Japanese beer, chopsticks).

That involved a trip to the local fish market (just one block from the home), Whole Foods, Chinatown, and a specialty cooking store!

Gilbert enjoyed all the stops especially Whole Foods as it is located next to a major rail yard for Metra and Amtrak. The parking garage is elevated so he had a bird's eye view of the yard. It was all we could do to pull him away to do our shopping!

We ventured into Cost Plus World Market looking for chopsticks. Gilbert found a cart on wheels and enjoyed pulling it around the store. Kristen wants a new floor rug and found a few she was perusing. Gilbert decided to get involved as well!