Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moving Up

Gilbert has moved up from his Toddler class to Pre-Primary! Our 2.10 year old is now in a class with kids up to age 6. This is the Montessori way. Ideally, Little Man would be three before the move, but he kicks butt so he's moved up in accordance with the school year (even though school goes year round).

For the past few weeks, he and his classmates have been 'transitioning'. This includes going 'upstairs' for a few hours each day to acclimate with the new classroom and 'mates. All the kids have their good and bad days. Gilbert has oscillated between enjoying his time in the new class and other days telling us in the morning that he "doesn't want to go upstairs".

Well, today was the first day of the new school year. We started pumping him up about it last night and this morning and Little Man was on board. Then it came time to put on shoes and he wasn't so enthused. Then in the car on the way to school, the first tear came with a "I don't want to go upstairs, I want to stay in Miss [name here]'s class. We quickly shifted conversation and he seemed fine for the moment.

Back on the subject, I asked him why he didn't want to go upstairs when he informed me that it is scary because the girls scream. How can you not laugh at that one! I informed him he will need to get use to it as girls will be screaming for one reason or another the rest of his life. I advised him to say "You ladies, stop the screaming and use your inside voice." Kristen was not pleased. with my sage advice.


Anonymous said...

Great picture of G and K! G's hair is looking cool (and blonde from the summer sun!). I recognize that shirt- one of Tag's favorites! Good luck little man and I say scream right back at the girls. Hope to see you all soon- Niepomnik Crew

Rebecca said...

Way to go, Gilbert. O moved up today is in the air! Maybe you should have told Gilbert, to offer a hug when the girls scream:)

Sarah said...

It's better than telling them to "shut up!"