Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saturday Afternoon in the Big City

One of the advantages to living in the city, is you can "just go" and it's not a big deal. Last Saturday we jumped (yes PJ, we actually jumped:-) on the El at Lake Street and got off 4 stops later at Madison and Wabash. A short walk and we were in Millenneum Park. We ventured to all corners of the beautiful lake shore. Then we got back on the El at Roosevelt and were home just like that. I think we were out 2.5 hours total- now that is something you just can't get done when you live in the burbs! This sculpture/art installation as always kinda creeped me out, but after visiting it in person I have a new appreciation for the legs.
Gilbert at the Harbor trying to pick out just the right boat to get for mom and dad when they they retire. (notice he has one foot crossed over the other-love that)

PJ spoting his new Southern Miss Hooded Sweatshirt- I like it. reminds me of college. Gilbert- to focused on the "airplane with a banner" to pose for the shot.

Bangs?! Yes, I have a new do. A girlfriend of mine, Laura, was sporting new bangs last week and I thought they looked great on her and decided to get some myself.


Rebecca said...

I hear ya! We don't even need to get off the El, and Olivia thinks it's an adventure! Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks.
P.S. I like the bangs:)

Sarah said...

Lots of great adventures to be had here in the city! The hair looks great Kristen!

Kristen said...

Thanks Ladies, Will see you in a few weeks.