Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

We were in MI for the holidays. Spending it at my brother-in-law's kick-ass farmhouse, good times were had by all! Gilbert was excited to chase the 'big dawgs' around and to see Aunt Shannon and Uncle Ryan and cuzin Jasper! Not to mention Gram!

This year Little Man 'got' Christmas. On the Eve he was excited about going to bed knowing Santa was coming to visit! We read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and remained riveted throughout the entire story!

Settled in after reconnoitering the house, he wanted to play 'choo choos'. Jasper was right there to play. Seven months younger, it was fun to observe how Gilbert interacted with his cousin. He immediately took on the senior role and would 'advise' Jasper on not to put the train in his mouth or where to sit to play with the trains with him. It was quite fun to watch. Of course, that lovingly approach wore off quickly when Jasper started to take the track apart. Then it was "JASPER, NO." Followed by, "Dada. Japser break the track." Funny!

The two were quite good together. Gilbert would take Jasper's hand and walk around with him. Especially if we were going up or down stairs. He'd tell Jasper that they would play with 'choo choos' for 'four minutes' (this is new and must have picked it up from school). Everything is now "four more minutes". Of course, I wait one minute and then say it is time to clean up and he's a little obedient soldier!

Anyway, back at the house, there were two rocking chairs by the tree and the two enjoyed just rocking back and forth. Almost like foreshadowing to two grumpy old men in the sunset of their lives just chilling!

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you guys had a great holiday!