Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Day

Today could be an impactful day. We finally have our appointment with a children's orthopedist to investigate Gibert's legs. Early on we noticed that his ankles roll in and that his achilles tilt as a result. Additionally, he is knock kneed. Add to it his feet point out (the left is the one of concern) and his arches are flat or collapsed so we are just covering our bases by seeing a doctor. Many of these conditions are normal individually and over time a child's gait corrects itself. However, all combined has caused me concern and probably some unnecessary agnst, but as a parent how do you not be concerned for your child's development?

We've voice our concern at various doctor's visits and done some reading and really these issues are addressed at the earliest after two years. At Gilbert's two year visit, his doctor shifted thought and suggested it was time to see a specialist. Hopefully it will be nothing and the prognosis good. Stay tuned...


Sarah said...

Hope all went well today!

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