Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

That morning he woke up at his usual time and all sharing a room, had us up wanting to go see what Santa brought. We used all of our diversion techniques as we waited for the rest of the house to wake up!

The gift opening took hours! He'd open a present and speed off playing with it. Doubly so for Jasper! He got a play kitchen and Gilbert wanted to play with it too in a bad way!

Then he saw and realized the shiny Radio Flyer tricycle was for him! He spent the rest of the weekend on it!

I've posted how Gilbert is enamored with the vacuum cleaner. Well, when we started asking him what he wanted for Christmas, you can imagine what was at the top of the list. So, Santa brought Little Man his own 2-in-1 Dirt Devil. I'm disappointed it is not functional so he can clean up after himself, but Gilbert sure doesn't know the difference! He vacuumed the house all weekend and does a daily sweep of the condo as well!
Little Man also was the recipient of a lot of family love with new additions to his growing Thomas the Train train set and some remote control cars along with a treasure trove of books and other fun stuff. It is safe to say, Gilbert was a 'good little boy' in 2009!

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