Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday At The Park

On Sunday (another beautiful day!), Kristen scouted a new park for us to check out. Taking cue from our friends at O for 2 and Busy Boys, we headed north to Winnemac Park. Expansive, we spent the first part of our visit walking around just looking for the play area. Once we arrived, Gilbert went straight for the equipment, but was actually bored with it. A large play area, it lacked some of the equipment he likes best. That and airplanes were flying over every few minutes so he preferred to look up and watch the airplanes fly by.

Leaving the play area, we continued to walk around and explore. There is a nice football stadium in the park so we decided to walk up into the stands so he Little Man could climb around.

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Sarah said...

I think between you guys, us, and O for 2, we could check out every park in the city and turn our reviews into a book!