Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Indeed. I spent Monday completing a lot of projects around the house.

The master bedroom is now complete. Ceiling fan. Check. New headboard. Well, sort of. Kristen originally wanted to design a headboard, but instead opted for hanging a really cool, vintage door over our bed. Thought I had a picture, but realized I do not. Will have to post later.

After hanging the door, I moved into the guest bath and replaced the mirrors. The bathroom is now complete. Check it out! The art is from Gilbert. Need to save it as I'm sure it will be valuable someday. The only thing we haven't changed is the light fixture. I'd have to do some serious patch and install a junction box and well, I'm just not ready to do that. Overall, the bathroom is awesome.

A few other items were rearranged in the condo and we finally brought in some plant life. Despite being naturally lit, direct light does not come in so it is difficult to grow anything. However, we found a nice floor plant to eat up an empty corner it looks great.

The last project for the day was finally decommissioning the old computer. It crapped out a few weeks ago and although the new desktop has been up and running I needed to wipe the hard drive before recycling the computer. This is not an easy task. After doing research online I found a free program that does military level wiping of the hard drive. This ran for about 36 hours. After only 26% complete, I had had enough. The drive was basically clean, but to be sure I brought in my demo specialist. We took a drill and hammer to the hard drive just to make sure!

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Evenson Family said...

I'd love to see the headboard...please take a photo. Love the sink in the bathroom and the shower curtain...but of course, the art is the BEST!!