Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Matching Game

For those of you that have followed the blog from the beginning (the very beginning!), you might recall we had on the wall above the crib Gilbert's name spelled out in animal letter flashcards. Well, we've kept those cards and Little Man loves playing with them.

His game is to spread out the cards on the floor and then match the card with the thumbnail version on the back of the box. He is really starting to excel at this game. At first, we were using the cards to teach him the alphabet (A, B, C, O seem to his letters of choice), but instead he enjoys the animal pictures and is doing really well at pronouncing the names. Coming from the Land of Nod, some of the animal selections are a bit out of the ordinary (y = Yellowhammer, it is a bird; U= Underwing) yet he's making the pronunciations. Very fun.

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