Monday, September 28, 2009


I have no pictures to show for it, but on Saturday Gilbert and Daddy participated in what is becoming a nice ritual; the Little Man haircut.

We walked to the local barber shop, just the two of us, for Gilbert's cut. The shop is owned and run by two sisters who learned the trade from their father who also cut hair his entire life. Lexi cuts my hair and does the kids as well.

On the walk to the shop I practiced with Gilbert to say "Lexi" when he was asked who cuts his hair. All primed, the minute he got into the shop, he went mime on me! However, this is his third time and warmed up much quicker. He walked over to Lexi and offered a kiss and a hug. And this time he sat in the chair all by himself! All I had to do was stand by and distract him a few times. He was such a big boy! Toward the end he was getting antsy and announced "All done!" Lexi kicked it into high gear!

And to top it all off, he went potty before and after without prompting. After getting his cut, he strutted around the shop all excited and feeling proud offering up some high-fives. What a ham! I'll be sure to take photos next time!

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