Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's been a while...

I am not much of a Blogger. I thought I could take over for PJ, but it does not come easy for me. I am going to make an effort to get something new up once a week for all of you who love to see what is going on with our little man. He is keeping us on our toes - that is for sure. Getting a good photos is also proving to be a challange.
So a questions to all of you Bloggers- When and where do you blog?
Gilbert had a good Valentine's Day. His Gram sent him a package with some books and is very own spatula! This was a big hit and we Immediately baked a batch of cookies.


Rebecca said...

I blog when the kids are sleeping. I've missed you guys:)

Sarah said...

I usually blog at night or naptime! Glad you decided to come back too!