Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day Continued

Like I mentioned in my last post, Gilbert scored big this Valentines, beside some thoughtful cards and candies from friends and neighbors, his grandparents sent him Cold Hard CASH. Now typically we teach G about saving his $ for something really special, but this time we let him spend it- and did he ever. Here is what we did on Saturday...

I dropped G and PJ off at the Metra Station, I drove out to the Burbs and met them at the Downers Grove Station. It was a THRILLING RIDE for Little Man. They sat on the upper level and G could see everything (I won't bore you with all of the Trains he saw, but he saw a Ton) Then it was a short ride to the ALL ABOARD DINER where we had lunch and a milkshake. The ALL ABOARD DINER is a family owned operation where you sit at a large horseshoe shaped bar and your food gets delivered via Electric Train- this was pretty awesome.
Just a few stores down there was a Hobby Shop with a large Train Display in the window- coincidence? I think Not! At the hobby shop he picked up a few new items for his wooden train and a Magnetic Solar System Board, since he is learning about this at school he grabbed it quickly and we were out the door. It was a quiet ride home. He has informed us that he would like to do it all over again this weekend!!

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Sarah said...

I LOVE the sleeping picture---so sweet!