Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cute?- Yes, but are they Practical?

Gilbert LOVES his rain boots and would prefer to wear them everyday to school. Today was no exception and because it was raining cats and dogs I let him wear them.
Here comes my question:
At what age will he be able to walk/run in them without falling?
We barely got out of the condo before he fell and then wanted to be carried the rest of the way to the car. So there I was lugging G, my bag for work , an umbrella, and my coffee. Then halfway through the garage the boots fell off his feet- it was at this point that I had to laugh and give G a big ol' kiss

I am sure we were quite a sight!


Ms. Mayhem said...

I think around age 4. Yes, I said age 4...and they always want to be carried at the most inconvenient times (full arms, rain, etc) or a required to be carried because of a tantrum (which may involve crying and back-arching).

Rebecca said...

O wants to wear her rain boots sooooooo bad, but as soon as she tries to walk in them she basically falls over. It's comical at best.