Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soldier Down

Gilbert had his first casualty yesterday. Walking down a steep hill to the neighborhood park, he picked up speed, lost his footing and tumbled over. He must have twisted his ankle, because Little Man was in pain limping around. He lost any interest in the park and wanted to be picked up and go home.
At school, any booboo gets ice. As such, he's conditioned. He immediately wanted ice for his pain. Now, imagine trying to conduct triage with a 2 1/2 year old. Where does it hurt? "My knee (As he grabs his ankle). I ask again, Does your knee hurt? "No, my ankle." (and then grabs his ankle). He knows his body parts, but it is clear something hurts he just isn't sure where. So we ice the ankle. Thought it would be fun to prop it up like a 'big boy'.
To keep him placated, he got the treat of watching Thomas the Train (thanks to Netflix streaming through my Wii!). A few minutes later he announces he is 'feeling better' only to get up and run before crumpling into a ball on the floor crying after about three strides. His ankle really does hurt. Cause and effect took root and he walked around the rest of the night slow and deliberate.
I'm pleased to say that this morning he is doing better. Still walking somewhat gingerly, he was more spry, but I have money on the over of at least five times today at school he repeats his fall to floor as I'm sure he will run around too much.
How do you tell a child to 'take it easy'?
P.S. His Bears hat. Kristen bought two. The same hat fits both of them! His head is large and Kristen's is small. Nothing like meeting in the middle. On me, the hat looks like a tea cup.


Rebecca said...

Oh, poor thing!

Sarah said...

Hope he is back to new in no time!

Evenson Family said...

Awww...poor thing...but he sure looks cute sitting there...Feel better "G"...we refer to our level G in our building as "G" for Gilbert and ground. Everytime...that's what she says!!!