Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers's Day!

I think these pictures sum up the great day Kristen had today!
Even as Little Man offers up a smooch to his mommy, he's looking out the corner of his eye as a Metra train was going by!

Winding down on Sunday, we were watching the episode on trains we recorded on the History Channel's Modern Marvels. Good snuggles! About the show, I highly recommend it. We've seen ships, helicopters, boats, and more. Actually good learning tools and enough information to keep us informed. Before this picture Gilbert was sitting up on his knees yelling, "Rail Yard." "Diesel engine." "Boxcar." YELLING! It was hysterical!


Sarah said...

I love the bottom picture of Gilbert and Kristen---too cute!

K said...

Love the photos of Kristen and Gilbert!!
I cannot figure out how to sign into my blogger acct, nor have your phone numbers anymore (due to new phone!), but I wanted to get in touch with you guys to see if I could set up a playdate with Gil and Cesca? Let me know!