Monday, May 3, 2010

Sleeping (Bad) Habits

Recently, Gilbert has taken to sleeping on the floor. At first, we thought, "no big deal." But now we have to go back to the basics.

A few months ago, Little Man took a renewed interest in all his stuffed animals (we had them stored away in his closest). At first it was just a few and then the whole animal kingdom was roaming his room! He has favorites, but otherwise they all get some attention.
Still sleeping on his bed, they would be on the floor, on his bed, and in some instances he would be snuggling with some of furry creatures. Initially, he would get up from sleeping, move them all down to the floor and then go to the floor as well. At least he was sleeping. Now, though, he rolls around on them and loses his bed space resulting in not being able to fall asleep.

We put him back on the bed and we get a "my back hurts. Need to sleep on the floor." He's a bit of a yarn spinner so we don't know how much of what he says is legit and what portion is bs. And then this past week he started moving all the animals, pillows and blankets behind the door!

As of today (er, tonight) it is back to the bed. All animals will be relegated to the window sill and he can have 2-3 to sleep with. We explained the new plan this morning to him at lunch so by dinner it will not be too much of a shock. Stay tuned...


Ms. Mayhem said...

We have to pack up our animal friends and send them on vacation regularly. They get packed away for weeks and then come out and others go on vacation.

Sarah said...

Does the sleeping stuff ever end? Good Luck!