Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wii Fit - On Steroids!

I've posted before about my affinity for Wii Fit. Well, I've rekindled my love for it.

Thanks to the folks at EA, a new program has been designed specifically for the Wii Fit. EA Active is Wii Fit on STEROIDS!

The best way to explain the difference is such...Wii Fit is a good exercise, while EA Active is a workout!

EA Active comes with a personal trainer so you can set goals (similar to Wii Fit) as well as participate in a 6 Week program and other preset programs. Supporting this approach are prepared workout regimens. The cool part is the ability to create customized workouts.
For example, categories include cardio, lower, upper, fitness, and warm up/cool down. In the cardio section a variety of runs exist including running with a partner, sprinting, free runs, etc. Fitness is loaded with fun activities such as boxing, sparring, obstacle courses, water paddling, and more. The key is the program comes with a leg wrap where the nunchuck sits so the program registers leg movements.

Oh yeah, it tracks calories. To test the accuracy, I strapped on my heart rate monitor and found the results to be nearly identical!
Back to workouts. This is by far the coolest feature. I built a few and tested them over the weekend. 45 minutes later I was a sweaty mess, burnt 500 calories and felt as if I did actually get a workout!
For those of you that like 'classes', there is a slew of preprogrammed step aerobics programs varying in both duration and intensity.

I really enjoy the boxing/sparring, obstacles course, and water paddling. I still enjoy the yoga and some of the strength activities in the Wii Fit, but EA Active is definitely more!Check it out!

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