Friday, January 15, 2010


I was in need of a mental health day, so I took the day off from work on Friday. We dropped Gilbert off at school and started our day with a workout. From there it was off to catch the matinee showing of Avatar. I wanted to see it in IMAX, but in 3D Kristen thought she would not be able to handle it (she gets queasy easily). And with the 3D movie, comes the stylish 3D glassed. Actually, these weren't bad, just a bad imitation of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Probably a good call! The movie was visually amazing. The story was solid, not groundbreaking. The value in seeing the movie on the big screen is the visual experience. Unbelievable! The director, James Cameron, was recently on Charlie Rose and it was incredible to learn that he cooked up Avatar more than 12 years ago. All in his head! He invested his own money and worked directly with Sony in creating the 3D cameras used for the movie as well. Visionary, indeed!

If you are on the fence about seeing the movie, find time!

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Sarah said...

Andy and I saw it in 3D as well and really enjoyed it!