Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday in the City

It was a Gilbert and Mommy weekend in the city. PJ was in WI golfing with old buddies. G and I had many adventures, I am sorry to say I did not capture the best photos. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry, home for a nap, and then back out to The Mag Mile for a little shopping and dinner. We took the El to the Subway and did tons of walking- It was great fun.

I told Gilbert we were going to Water Tower Place, but when we walked by the actual Chicago Water Tower that he knows from is "Explore Chicago " book, he got very upset that we were not going there. We did end up walking through the tower (not that exciting for a 3.5 year old).

The baby chicks are so cute.

Of course we visited the Train display at the museum ( 3 times)

Gilbert broke the land speed record.

"Hello?, um yeah we need to get some cleaner in here. Yeah the screen is really dirty"

(in the United Jet, aparently the "pilot" before him had been eating something sticky)

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