Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Man's First Movie

On Memorial Day, Gilbert was treated to his first movie theatre experience. He was clearly excited having talked about it the whole weekend leading up to and the morning of.

It was a scorcher in Chicago on Monday so we felt mildly guilty not being outside, but we viewed the 10:30am showing giving us the entire afternoon following. Late out the door, we took a cab (a big treat for G) and Little Man was all smiles. It is the simple pleasure and traversing the city via Lower Wacker was especially fun for Gilbert. He likes the going 'underground'.

At the theatre, he ran to the Kung Fu Panda poster. It was only outdone when he saw the big poster for Green Lantern and proceeded to yell across the lobby, "DAD! LOOK! GREEN LANTERN!"

In his seat, Little Man was not amused with all of the ads and non-movie stuff on the screen. I lost count at the number of times he asked, "Where is Kung Fu Panda?" Finally, Kristen showed up with popcorn and all was righteous!