Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wipe That Smirk Off Your Face

There are many advantages to having a verbose child. We thoroughly enjoy having conversations (as documented by all of the Gilbertisms I've posted to Facebook), being able to have him hold a phone and talk to his grandparents, Skype, and just learn about his day. Little Man can also communicate explicitly how he is feeling, what he wants, is thinking about, or randomly wants to share. And now he is reading books out loud to himself. Okay, not really reading, but has the books memorized to the point of being able to recite most of the story.


Gilbert is notorious for saying what is on his mind in a very blunt and truthful way. Telling Kristen in the morning he doesn't like her outfit, or upon coming out of the bathroom after getting ready for her day that he doesn't like her hair. Or telling me upon returning from the gym I am smelling (I blame Kristen on this one as he picked up the association of gym and sweat and smell from her!).

The most piercing words he says, though, is when he tells me at night he doesn't want to read stories with me or snuggle with me. We make a point to rotate or alternative putting Gilbert to bed. Sometimes together, but most often 1:1.

Just last night he expressed his desire to not be with me. "I don't want you daddy. I want mommy. I don't want to read stories with you. I don't want to snuggle with you." My heart bleeds from such prickly words!

Now, this is a child be a kid and being honest. However, we are attempting to teach him about respect, courtesy, and all of the accompanying moral compass intangibles. So when Kristen attempts to explain to Gilbert what he says is hurtful he just smiles and smirks at her thinking it is all funny. This infuriates Kristen as her attempts to be stern with him are met with giggles and laughter. With me it is a different story.

Anyway, G went to bed without his usual story read and snuggles. He was apologetic this morning. We'll see if it sticks. Anybody want to take odds that it doesn't!

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Sarah said...

Must be the age! Charlie pulls the same stuff. I'm sure one day we'll get to hear them tell us they hate us!