Monday, April 25, 2011


My parents will both be officially retired by June 1. A very exciting time for them! I had a prior post up that was meant to pay homage to the fact and poke a little fun at their new 'retirement home', but alas I was a bit morbid. Sorry mom and dad!

After a failed attempt to sell their home last year, they relisted and sold in a very short time. Finally able to downsize (if going from five to four bedrooms is actually 'downsizing'), yet have enough room for all the kids and grandkids they found a house in quick time as well.

Now the real fun begins. What to do with the day? I look forward to finding out! I also can find solace in knowing all of the taxes Uncle Sam is taking from me will actually go to someone I know!

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Evenson Family said...

Yeah...I haven't missed too much!! I have not been on blogs for I'm glad you haven't either!! Congrats to your family!! That's great!! Miss you all.