Friday, July 31, 2009

Ear Infection

Did I mention Little Man had an upset tummy during the trip to Houston?

Good story. Two days before we leave for Houston we are sitting having breakfast when Kristen freaks and screams. As she is watching Gilbert eat his breakfast, what looks like a big snot bubble emerges from his right ear. I squeezed his ear to see green stuff ooze out. A quick trip to the doc revealed Gilbert had an ear infection (Again, he gave no signs. No rubbing of the ears, no fever, etc.). Turns out there was so much fluid build up, his ear drum tore due to the pressure and what we witnessed was the fluid draining. He also had what appeared to be mild fluid build up in his other ear.

Since we were traveling, we could not use the typical medicine since it required being refrigerated. The alternative choice has potential nasty side effects including diarrhea and rash. Well, Little Man got both. His bum got so chapped and red from a reaction to the medicine, it hurt just to wipe. And his tummy was rumble stumble the entire time. Felt sorry for the Little Guy. The minute we returned home and switched medicines all was fine in one day!

So proud of him though, we would have had no idea of his ear infection had it not been for the fluid back up. He never cries or complains of his ears. I'm sure he's had others that have gone unchecked. And at the doctor, no tears. Even as she dug in his ears to remove the wax.


Anonymous said...

I would freak too- that's crazy. Glad to hear he is on the mend. Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday. Emily

Sarah said...

Charlie is the same way---no signs until the ear infection is full blown! Glad Gilbert was such a trooper!