Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

How did you spend your evening? Your first day of 2012? For us, we ventured out to take care of some errands. Expecting a mob of people at the stores, we were pleasantly surprised at how desolate the streets were (not to mention the easy parking that resulted!).

Our camera broke so it was off to Best Buy to see what could be done. Got to love it when the 'fee' to look at the camera does not make it even worth exploring a repair. Such a scam to get consumers to just buy new stuff! Like moths to the flame, we walked $$$ lighter, but armed with a new camera and all the accoutrement's!

Kudos to Best Buy, though, for thinking of everything. To counter those long lines at the service counter was a nearby waiting area - filled with magazines and coloring books for the kids awaited. We couldn't get G out of there once we were done!

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