Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Blue Truck

Last weekend Gilbert and I visited my Dad and Kathy in Michigan. My dad is restoring a 1970 Ford truck for fun. Gilbert got to do some "pretend driving" before we headed out for a short ride. One highlight was that G got to sit in the front seat with only a lap belt- and can you believe it- we made it home safe and sound!

Grampa wanted to show Gilbert something special- The old Round House where the Trains go when they need to rest and get cleaned and fixed. Now this was something to see, I never knew my home town had a round house- but the BEST part was the old turntable that the trains sit on and spin until they are pointed to the correct door at the round house.

What you don't see pictured are all of the "Private Property- No Tresspassing" signs. I guess my dad thinks with a cute kid in tow he can get away with a short visit.

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Sarah said...

Looks like it was worth a little trespassing!