Monday, August 29, 2011

My First Trophy Since High School!

Yep, I won a trophy. Took first place in my division at a recent golf tournament.

Here is the funny story. I sent a picture of the trophy to Kristen. She and Gilbert along with a classmate and parents are at a food truck fair in Chicagoat the time. Very cool (but that outing has a story all its own that Kristen can post)!

Anyway, Gilbert calls me and yells "Congratulations!" Made my day.

Back at home, we are talking about the trophy when he tells me to win another trophy next time. Yeah, sure. Easy to do. Jeez, no pressure! Then when I do win to tell Mr. Tiger Woods that it is okay he didn't win. Seriously! So, either Gilbert thinks I am playing the same golf as the guys on television or he knows that Tiger is playing so bad he is now down to my level. Either way, I was a hero for a day to Little Man. What a great feeling!

Oh yeah, it didn't hurt that I filled up my trophy with three different kinds of M&Ms. Gilbert asked if he could have some for breakfast today!

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Sarah said...

You are a hero everyday to the Little Man! Unconditional love is great!