Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Houston Day 1 - Houston Children's Museum

Arriving mid-morning and on the other side of the city, we stopped by the Houston Children's Museum (got to love the all access membership!). The museum was fantastic. I love the Chicago Children's Museum, but I have to give the nod to Houston's. Maybe it is because there is more space, but I liked it better as there was more active exhibits. Some of the 'thinking' exhibits were engaging as well! I found myself wanting to do the work!

There was the mechanical section with a cross-section of a car so you could see all of the engine along with the parts in a door to understand how the locks and door handle work. Gilbert, of course, just wanted to drive.

Then the was an exhibit which was a small city run by the kids. Each child receives an ATM card and earns money doing work. They can then spend money at the grocery store or restaurant. I found myself playing a sugar market futures game where you received information and then bought or sold sugar futures. It was awesome!

Gilbert enjoyed the grocery store the best. The place was awesome. Fully stocked with pretend goods, the place was organized and looked like a real grocery store. Little Man immediately headed for the checkout counter to ring up Kristen's purchases. The computer screen was a real checkout register and with a touch screen an actual total and amount could be tallied. Very cool!

I mentioned active exhibits. The rock wall was in the basement and to get down to the bottom, Gilbert had to descend a series of connected platforms in a wire lattice. Looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland as each platform was convex and looked like an oversized mushroom top. We had to pry Gilbert out of there! And at the bottom was also an obstacle course. A bit hesitant at first, I completed the obstacles with him, but after that he would not come out. Loved jumping over to the fire pool for the slide down!

A bit too much for Gilbert at this age, but the science exhibit was incredibly engaging. You took molecules to make chemical compounds. I could have built molecules all day! Held G's attention for only a few minutes as it was off to the next exhibit!

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