Friday, June 10, 2011

Harsh Reality

I use to think I was good at golf. Last year was by far my worst year of late and this year, my expectations for a return to old form - so far - have been dashed. It is getting harder to get away with the swing idiosyncrasies that have manifested.

The season is still early and to further inject some energy into the game for me, I discovered that a golf amateur tour exists in most major cities around the nation. How cool! I've signed up and hope to play a few events. If nothing than to prepare me for my annual Crony Cup.

A nice benefit is the tournaments are 'flighted' which means you are grouped with players of like capabilities. The stark reality hit me though that based on my handicap I was not in the championship flight, but rather the A flight. A blow to the ego, but realities can be harsh!

Big hopes though I can report later of playing well. Stay tuned, first tournament is June 18th.

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Sarah said...

Good Luck! Hang in there!