Monday, March 28, 2011

Amtrak Adventure part II

We took a short ride to New Buffalo, MI. As we neared the platform, the conductor opened the door - while the train was still moving!! (Gilbert could hardly believe this). We passed some people and Gilbert turned and looked at me and said " I just saw gramma and grampa!- how did they know we were going to be here today?" Gilbert was so excited to see them. We enjoyed a treat at the coffee shop, before we headed to the best part of the day- a visit to the "I LOVE TOY TRAINS" store. They have everything there that a train loving kid could want. Gilbert scored some new gear, and grampa was so excited that I would not be surprised if the next time we visit he has an electric train set up in the basement. are we there yet? How did gramma nd Grampa know we would be here today?

After the store we went to Redamax for a burger and fries, then it was back on the train.

What a fun adventure.

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Sarah said...

What an awesome adventure!