Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Dubai World Cup

In part, we planned the timing of our trip to coincide with the Dubai World Cup. Think Kentucky Derby...on STEROIDS!

What made the Cup extra special is years ago Jon and I (along with a few other buddies) did go to the Kentucky Derby as a guest to my uncle that by good fortune owned a piece of a horse in the Derby! So attending the Cup with him was kind of a full circle event!

Well, Dubai had just completed its new track, Meydan, and this was the coming out party! Like the Derby, everyone was dressed to the nines! Looking to pack light, that approach was hampered by having to bring the full suit ensemble! No worries as it was completely worth it! Not to mention, we looked good (at least I think so)!

The Cup is a ten race event with the actual race a $10m purse! A full day, there was plenty of drinking (libations and water!), sights to see and not to mention entertainment; a multimedia presentation, three fireworks shows, and Elton John and Santana as the closing "entertainment". Only in Dubai!

However, being in an Islamic country, parimutuel betting is not allowed so there was no betting on the horses...at least officially! We all pitched in a five spot for each race, picked our horse and hoped for the best. I won a race so one round of beverages was paid for!

For the ladies, the Dubai equivalent of InStyle was taking photos and having best dressed contests. Kristen made the magazine along with the others in our party! For Suzanne, this was two years in a row, and I'm convinced is the only reason she goes to the Cup!


Rebecca said...

Kristen looks FABULOUS!!! Glad you are home safe and sound.

Sarah said...

Lookin' good Kristen!