Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time For Cake!

The presents opened, it was time to celebrate. Bring on the cake! The Thomas the Train cake had been sitting out along with the decorated table while we opened presents. Little Man was acutely aware of the cake and quickly surmised all the hoopla was for him.

He quickly began saying, "Mine Thomas cake." Repitition was not an issue. We heard it ALL DAY!

SIDENOTE: Back at home, he sees any giftbag and immediate says, "Birthday Cake!" Oh boy!

With the presents open, we assembled for a 'happy birthday' song. He became a bit shy not sure why everyone was singing and being so loud!

Candles blown, it was time to move onto eating some cake! And Gilbert was all smiles!


Sarah said...

Wow! That's quite the cake! Sounds like Gilbert had a great 2nd birthday.

Evenson Family said...

Yum Yum from Dubai!! We sure wish we could have some of that Thomas cake. Looks tasty...and as always...he is adorable. Happy Birthday, Gilbert!!